• Katie Callaway

Currently Reading: “Stranger” by Craig Lucas

This week, I was introduced to the play “Stranger” by Craig Lucas (via a wonderful character intensive class I’m taking this year). The premise is a simple one we can nearly all sympathize with: sitting on a cramped, stale-aired airplane next to a complete chatterbox who unsolicitedly recounts their entire emotional history. Without giving the ending away, the plot contains psychological twists & turns that requires the actors to give incredibly committed performances riddled with extreme depth.

Reading this piece reminded me how great writing (and furthermore, acting) is built on characters who have all the complexities of real human beings. In this particular play, Craig Lucas explores some dark, and deeply disturbing desires often not showcased. His text delves into the disconcerting human desire of wielding ultimate control over another, and the resulting satisfaction of surrendering power to someone else. This all has the audience begging the question: is an element of ominous power playing knitted within the fabric of nearly all human relationships?

One of my goals in 2020 is to regularly introduce myself to new literature (poetry, plays, novels, prose, moth stories, screenplays, pilots, etc). The more characters, emotions, knowledge, and art I’m exposed to, the more complex and varied my choices as an actor will become.

Cheers to a fantastic start to the year (and decade!)

- Katie Callaway