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Where Are They Now?: Katie Callaway

"Katie Callaway is the real deal. She's passionate about her pursuit of art- but she's just as serious about, as corny as it may sound, just being a good human being. If anything, she personifies the modern notion that a woman can be both beautiful and substantive (something we Southerners have been well aware of for generations, let me assure you), carefree and down-to-earth."
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Meet Katie Callaway

"In an industry where we are continually faced with rejection, I take pride in my durability and ability to recognize the subjective nature of the business. The entertainment industry isn’t unfair (a common complaint amongst performers), but it’s definitely indifferent. Some lucky few will be given the world, others will be empty-handed, and all without an explanation as to why."
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Actress Katie Callaway Signs With Cylence Media Management

“An artist like Katie Callaway is one that only comes once in a blue moon. Many aspiring performers will claim that this industry is their priority and career, but only those with the fortitude, dedication, raw talent, attention to detail and emotional drive like Katie are the ones that breakout into consistent success on the big screen."
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Katie Callaway: Actress

"Being hardwired with extreme ambition, I can easily get frustrated when I don’t see the needle moving forward. So, has it been a smooth road? Absolutely not; nor will it ever be. We should all celebrate our successes, but never disheartened by our setbacks. After all, prosperity is a good teacher; but adversity is a great one."
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Katie Callaway Discusses Her Versatile Career

"It’s not often you meet a woman with the trifecta success of musical theater, film and television, but such is the case for Katie Callaway."
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